Rajvi Palace


Boarder Design

Welcome to Rajvi Palace, where unforgettable celebrations come to life amidst luxury and elegance. We take pride in offering the perfect venue for your special occasions, where every moment is crafted to perfection. Allow us to be a part of your cherished memories and create magical experiences that will last a lifetime.

Darbar Hall

For your Royal Get together

Explore the grandeur of celebrations at Rajvi Palace with our majestic Darbar Hall and the lush Raja Ka Bagh. The Darbar Hall, boasting an impressive 10,000 sq ft, sets the stage for opulent gatherings, accommodating up to 600 guests. The verdant Raja Ka Bagh adds a touch of nature to your events. Together, these spaces create an extraordinary venue with a total capacity of 2000 guests and a seating capacity of 1500, ensuring your special occasions are embraced by luxury and elegance.

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Swarn Mahal

A Grand Setting for Your Celebrations

Embark on an extraordinary celebration at Swarn Mahal, a meticulously designed banquet hall spanning 18,000 sq ft, complemented by the adjoining lush green expanse of Rani Ka Bagh. This exquisite venue harmonizes elegant Grand Venetian interiors with the serenity of nature, providing the perfect backdrop for gatherings. With a total capacity of 1050 guests and a seating capacity of 750, Swarn Mahal at Rajvi Palace promises to turn your events into timeless moments of grandeur and sophistication.

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Chandra Mahal

For your Regal Dining Experiences

Experience culinary excellence at Chandra Mahal, our exquisite 1600 sq ft banquet hall, seamlessly complemented by the sprawling Raja Rani Bagh. With a capacity of 300 guests, this royal venue exudes regal charm, offering a perfect setting for intimate gatherings and special occasions. Elevate your dining experience with “The Royals,” our exclusive pre-booked private culinary service. Immerse yourself in personalized menus and impeccable service, turning your chosen venue into a gastronomic heaven.

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Palace Lawn

For the Nature Talk

Discover the epitome of grandeur at Rajvi Palace with our expensive Palace Lawn spanning 60,000 sq ft, creating an enchanting outdoor canvas for your events. Accommodating up to 2000 guests, this lush expanse is a perfect blend of luxury and nature. Step into the regal Darbar Hall, an opulent indoor space that adds a touch of majestic splendor to your celebrations. Together, the Palace Lawn and Darbar Hall create an unparalleled venue, ensuring your events are surrounded by elegance and magnificence. Experience the extraordinary at Rajvi Palace.

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Swarn Bagh

Natural and serenity blended

Step into the enchanting world of Swarn Mahal, nestled within the lush embrace of Swarn Bagh, an expensive 18,000 sq ft outdoor paradise. Accommodating up to 300 guests, Swarn Mahal combines opulent interiors with the natural beauty of Swarn Bagh, creating a seamless blend of luxury and serenity. Whether hosting grand celebrations or intimate gatherings, Swarn Mahal offers a truly magical setting for your special occasions. Immerse yourself in the allure of Swarn Mahal, where every event becomes a luxurious affair amidst nature’s grandeur.

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Raja Rani Bagh

To create a Fairytale of your own

Discover the allure of Rajvi Palace, a stunning banquet space nestled within the expensive Raja Rani Bagh, the hotel’s front lawn spanning 18,000 sq ft. Accommodating up to 300 guests, Rajvi Palace provides a regal setting for your events, combining the elegance of its interiors with the natural beauty of Raja Rani Bagh. Whether hosting intimate gatherings or grand celebrations, Rajvi Palace promises a majestic fusion of sophistication and nature, creating a captivating ambience for your special moments. Experience the grandeur and enchantment at Rajvi Palace, where every event becomes a timeless celebration.

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Jal Mahal

Your Picturesque Destination

Escape to the tranquil oasis of Jal Mahal, nestled by the poolside and spanning 2,500 sq ft. With a capacity for 150 guests, Jal Mahal offers an intimate setting for your special occasions. Enjoy the serene ambience and picturesque views as you celebrate in style. Whether it’s a cozy gathering or a celebration of love, Jal Mahal provides the perfect backdrop, ensuring your events are marked by elegance and cherished memories. Immerse yourself in the peaceful charm of Jal Mahal, where every moment is a celebration by the shimmering waters.

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