Rajvi Palace

Meetings and Conferences

Boarder Design

Welcome to our exquisite meeting and conference facilities, where sophistication meets seamless functionality. Elevate your business gatherings in our thoughtfully designed spaces, equipped with cutting-edge technology and tailored services. Whether hosting corporate meetings, conferences, or special events, our hotels provide an unparalleled blend of elegance and efficiency. Discover a venue where success is not just achieved but celebrated, making every business event a memorable experience.

Sheesh Mahal

Meeting reflections of minds

Step into the sophisticated ambiance of Sheesh Mahal, our exclusive conference hall spanning 700 sq ft, perfect for gatherings of up to 40 attendees. With modern amenities and timeless elegance, Sheesh Mahal is designed to elevate your business events to new heights. The reflective charm of the name, meaning “Mirror Palace,” sets the tone for a polished and productive environment. Experience a seamless blend of contemporary functionality and classic allure at Sheesh Mahal, ensuring your conferences are both efficient and stylish. Transform your meetings into moments of success in this conference oasis.

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