Rajvi Palace

Welcome to Rajvi Palace Hotels where Rajasthan's Heritage Meets Opulent Hospitality

In 1962, a significant chapter in the history of Rajvi Palace began when Major Nand Singh
Rajvi acquired this piece of land through a government auction in the heart of Rajasthan. Major Nand Singh Rajvi, a distinguished figure, had served as a commandant in the Ganga
Rishala of the erstwhile Bikaner State. The illustrious title of “Rajvi” was bestowed upon his family, a direct lineage of the 14th ruler, Maharaja Gaj Singh. This revered ruler was not only a scion of the Bika clan of Rajputs but also the head of the esteemed Rajvi family.


Elegant cutlery dinning
Elegant cutlery dinning

The legacy of this land continued to evolve, passing into the capable hands of Rajvi Malam Singh, the son of Major Rajvi Nand Singh. Rajvi Malam Singh embarked on a journey of farming the land and, following his retirement from the Rajasthan Administrative Services under the Government of Rajasthan, he transformed this place into what we now know as Rajvi Palace. It became a cherished venue for local weddings, carrying forward the rich traditions of the Rajvi family. 

The Rajvi family hails from the village of Alsar in the Tehsil of Ratangarh, District Churu. With their historical ties to the erstwhile Royal family, who were not only brave warriors but also dedicated administrators in the government, they successfully converted this property into a thriving commercial enterprise, earning a distinguished reputation in the town of Hanumangarh. 

In 2006, the capable and visionary sons of Rajvi Malam Singh, namely Rajvi Tribhuwan Singh and Rajvi Ajit Singh, undertook a monumental endeavor. They constructed a legacy hotel with modern amenities and facilities, proudly christened Rajvi Palace. This establishment is unique among hotels because it has remained a cherished family home, where the esteemed members of the erstwhile royal family personally extend their warm welcome to you as their honored guest.