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Unexplored Places in Rajasthan - Tourists Do Know About These Places

Unexplored Places in Rajasthan – Places Tourists Don’t know

Rajasthan, a land of vibrant colours and rich history, is often synonymous with iconic destinations like Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jodhpur. However, hidden amidst the vast desert landscape are several unexplored places in rajasthan waiting to be discovered.

Underrated Places and Affordable Places in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, a land steeped in regal history and vibrant culture, is often synonymous with its iconic palaces, forts, and bustling cities. However, beyond the well-trodden tourist paths lie hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. These unexplored and low-key gems offer a different perspective of Rajasthan, inviting travellers to delve into the state’s lesser-known yet equally captivating destinations.

Sawai Madhopur

Known for its proximity to Ranthambore National Park, which offers a unique blend of wildlife and history. Also, Sunheri Kothi, Jama Masjid and Khandhar Fort are must-visit places in Sawai Madhopur.


 Known for its famous salt lake called Sambhar Lake and ancient sites like the dargah of renowned Sufi saint Hamiduddin Chisti Faruqui Nagauri, a leading pupil of Khwaja Moinuddin.


An unknown town, it is adorned with stunning temples and vibrant bazaars that showcase the true essence of Rajasthan. These are some popular places to visit: Buddhist Caves and Stupas in Kolvi village, Jhalawar Fort, Bhawani Natyashala, Gagron Fort, Chandrabhaga Temple, Sun Temple, Shantinath Jain Temple.


A  town steeped in history boasts a majestic fort that offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.Kuchaman  is home to an impressive-looking fort, now a heritage hotel.the fort’s picturesque surroundings are enticing, and the sky is dazzling blue. The fort also has an extensive collection of original inlay work in gold paint, glass, and semi-precious stones. It’s amazing to see even the Sheesh Mahal at Kuchaman Fort. Another stunning castle in Kuchaman City that honours the life of the saint Meerabai, the poet, is called the Meera Mahal. The legend is exhibited on the palace walls, depicting her life through beautiful paintings and murals.


Situated at the base of the Aravalli Hills and bordered to the east by the state of Gujarat, Dungarpur is a striking sight, much like the green marble found here. Due to their remarkable design, you won’t find a more striking sight than Dungarpur’s palaces and royal houses. The place is known for its serene lakes and palatial havelis, offering a glimpse into the royal lifestyle. Deo Somnath, Galiakot, Nagfanji, Vijay Raj Rajeshwer Temple, and Badal Mahal are some places to explore in Dungarpur.


A desert district, captivates with its rustic charm and traditional craftsmanship, providing an authentic Rajasthani experience. Kiradu Temple, Barmer Fort and Garh Temple, Shri Nakoda Jain Temple, Chintamani Parasnath Jain Temple, and Juna Fort and Temple are amazing places to see in Barmer.


The town of Bundi, overshadowed by its more famous counterparts, is a treasure trove of ancient architecture, step-wells, vibrant street markets and blue houses. Bundi is a place known to be created by goblins rather than men. Sukh Mahal, Kshar Bag, Dabhai Kund, Raniji Ki Baori, Taragarh Fort, and Lake Jait Sagar are some of the best places that one must explore in Bundi.


Situated in the heart of the Thar Desert, is a hidden oasis surrounded by dunes, offering a peaceful retreat. Prime attractions of Rusirani are Rural Rajasthan, village life, typical Rajasthani hospitality, Neelkanth temple and the Rusirani fort.


Known as the open-air art gallery of Rajasthan, boasts intricately painted havelis that narrate tales of a bygone era. Other best places to check in Shekhawati are Lakshmangarh Fort, Le Prince Haveli, Mandawa Fort, horseback riding, and Dundlod. 


With its historical fort-turned-hotel, Neemrana combines luxury with heritage, providing a unique and memorable stay. Neemrana Fort Palace, Zip-line, Sariska National Park, Bala Quila, Baori, and local markets are some places to travel in Neemrana.


A small town in the Pali district, offers a tranquil atmosphere with its charming streets and historical sites. Jojowar is a far-off place with lush greenery and various plants and animals. A train excursion designed to provide visitors with a broad perspective of the Aravalli hills. This location is a seldom-discovered hidden jewel in Rajasthan. The Rawla Jojowar, Kesar Bagh, bird watching, and rich wildlife are some places to visit.


 located in the northernmost part of Rajasthan, is known for its agricultural landscapes and vibrant festivals. Attractions of Sri Ganganagar are Balaji Dham, Fort Rajwada, Gol Bazaar, Laila Majnu ki Mazar, and Gauri Shankar temple.


Amidst the Aravalli Range, is a hidden gem with ancient temples and museums like Bangur Museum, Nimbo ka Nath, Rawla Bagh, Surya Narayan Temple, and Parshuram Mahadev temple waiting to be explored. 

Other tourist places of Rajasthan with some aesthetic places are Jawai, renowned for its leopard population, which offers a unique wildlife experience to its visitors; Kheechan, a small village, becomes a birdwatcher’s paradise during the winter months when thousands of demoiselle cranes visit the area.

Viratnagar, an archaeological site, showcases the remnants of ancient structures and temples, returning visitors in time. Ashoka Shilalekh, Bijak ki Pahari, Mughal Gate, and Ganesh Giri Temple are some must-visit places in Viratnagar.

Karauli, a quaint town blending history and spirituality, is home to the impressive Red Stone architecture, City Palace, Timangarh Fort, Kaila Devi temple, and Mahavir Jain temple. Kuldhara, an abandoned village, is shrouded in mystery and surrounded by folklore. 

Ranakpur, often overlooked, boasts one of the most stunning Jain temples with intricate marble carvings. Khuri, a peaceful desert village near Jaisalmer, offers a more serene alternative to the bustling tourist spots. Rajsamand, known for its picturesque lake, provides a tranquil setting away from the crowds.

Affordable Places to Visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, renowned for its regal history and vibrant culture, extends beyond the well-known destinations, offering hidden gems waiting to be uncovered. Sawai Madhopur, not just a gateway to Ranthambore National Park, features historical treasures like Sunheri Kothi and Kandahar Fort. Nagaur boasts the famous Sambhar Lake and the revered dargah of Sufi saint Hamiduddin Chisti Faruqui Nagauri. Jhalawar, a lesser-explored town, showcases exquisite temples and lively bazaars, including the Buddhist Caves and Stupas in Kolvi village.

Kuchaman, a historically rich town, reveals a majestic fort with intricate inlay work and a captivating Meera Mahal. Dungarpur, framed by the Aravalli Hills, presents stunning palaces like Deo Somnath and Galiakot, offering a glimpse into royal life. Barmer, a desert district, captures rustic charm with sites like Kiradu Temple and Barmer Fort. Bundi, overshadowed by its counterparts, houses architectural wonders like Sukh Mahal and Taragarh Fort.

Rusirani, a hidden oasis in the Thar Desert, offers tranquillity amid dunes. Shekhawati, the open-air art gallery, features painted havelis like Lakshmangarh fort. Neemrana, with its historical fort-turned-hotel, blends luxury with heritage. Jojowar, a serene town in Pali, invites attractions like Rawla Jojowar. Ganganagar, in the northernmost part, showcases Balaji Dham and Fort Rajwada. Pali, amidst the Aravalli Range, hides ancient temples like Surya Narayan Temple.

Viratnagar’s archaeological site, Karauli’s Red Stone architecture, and the abandoned village of Kuldhara each offer unique historical and spiritual experiences. Ranakpur’s stunning Jain temples, Khuri’s peaceful desert village, and Rajsamand’s picturesque lake provide offbeat escapes from the tourist crowds.