Rajvi Palace

Alsar Baagh

Where Royal Elegance Meets Unforgettable Celebrations

Create moments of pure delight and infuse a touch of regal opulence into your private events at Alsar Baagh. Our distinguished venue promises to turn your special occasions into sparkling memories with a truly majestic touch.

Our elegant and expansive banquet hall spans a generous 3,400 sq. ft., offering a magnificent setting for your celebrations. The hall is a work of art, with walls and a domed ceiling adorned with exquisitely handcrafted paintings that tell tales of grace and grandeur. At Alsar Baagh, we believe in adding a royal touch to your events, ensuring every moment is steeped in regal charm.

Whether planning a traditional wedding ceremony or a grand royal celebration, Alsar Baagh is the perfect canvas for your festivities. Our venue is designed to transport you and your guests to a world where tradition and luxury harmonize seamlessly.

As you step into Alsar Baagh, you will be greeted by an ambiance that is as rich in history as it is in luxury. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your event is flawlessly executed, from the decor to the cuisine, leaving you free to savor every moment of your special day.

Let Alsar Baagh be the backdrop to your cherished celebrations, where elegance, space, and regal charm create unforgettable memories. Whether it’s a wedding, a milestone birthday, or any other special occasion, Alsar Baagh promises to make it an event you and your guests will treasure forever. Celebrate with us and let your events shine with the magic of royalty at Alsar Baagh.